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Wirst Du Dir FIFA 13 kaufen ?
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The secret to a bikini body
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9th Jun 2012

The secret to a bikini body is building muscle.  I think a lot of people go for a bikini body all wrong.  Muscle is where it is at whether you are a man or a woman!  Why you ask instead of simply weight loss across the board?  The answer is simple.  Build more muscle, you will lose more fat.For both men and women skeletal muscle is not only the tissue that gives us healthy function and movement, but it also can impact how efficient our metabolism functions as a whole.

As you get older, maintaining and building muscle is also as important as the days when the amount of weight you lifted mattered amongst you and your weight lifting cohorts.   Which ever side of the age continuum you sit, muscle is still the key to achieving a body that looks great in a Micro Bikini .By increasing your lean body mass, which means your muscle, you will be changing the ratio of fat to muscle in your body for the better.  The number on the scale is less important if you are not building muscle in the process.Whey protein (an animal protein) is a more ideal form of protein, in comparison to soy protein.  Whey contains a high level of leucine, an important amino acid which assists in muscle protein synthesis and growth.  Additionally, whey has all of the other 'essential.' amino acids.

But ‘chya know, if  you were following me on Facebook, Twitter, and or YouTube, you’d already know that I had to split the 25 min video up into 2 parts because I was having the worst upload experience of my life. Either my internet was down or YouTube was being ridic, but I had the vid done on Wed ready for the as-promised Thurs upload…and it took a fabulous 2 1/2 days for it to get up and processed! OMG! Oh well, it’s here now and I am happy! So please, enjoy…grab a pair of dumbbells and a book or magazine. GO ALL OUT FOR ME!!!!!!!!I am always surprised when the 2nd video has like 1/2 as many views as the first. Did people really give up or what!??? Haha, same thing with Summer Slimdown video which also came in 2 parts. Weird!Also…we have a special  Swimming Suits  discount code for you all for cute fitness fashion. POPsters get 10% off all orders, just type in “MEPOPster10″ at checkout! Valid til July 31st.Let me know what Bikini Blaster video you want me to do next in the comments! Remember, I do what you tell me…so TELL ME! Love you!

Vanishing images of unsightly Crocs, bulky walking Women Sandals and plastic poolside slip-ons, these Givenchy S/S12 women’s patent leather pointed sandals are the ultimate in chic summer footwear. Renowned for its darkly romantic designs and exquisite attention to detail, the house of Givenchy – under the direction of Riccardo Tisci who celebrated his 38th birthday yesterday – creates clothes for the strong and sexy femme fatale. While it may be harder to achieve the full S/S12 Givenchy look (sharp tailoring with eel skin, shark and stingray trims) these Givenchy sandals add the perfect amount of provocation and sophisticated goth to any summer outfit.

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