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Wirst Du Dir FIFA 13 kaufen ?
Klar, es ist ein muss!!! 1

Nee, Null Komma GArkein Bock drauf !!! 0

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5th Jun 2012

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Ask me what I just spent the last hour doing? Flipping through the submissions for  Micro Bikini that I'm helping judge. It's a tough life. Here are a bunch of submits I can see myself surfing, volleyballing, and chilling in at the beach. There's still time to enter your own designs — the contest ends July 31 — so get bikini designing! Check out all the fun entries, but this one, titled  Swimming Suits, had me at the sexy cutouts, and I like how the designer made a print out of the Roxy emblem. Neon surf! Flip through for more Roxy prospects . . .
If last summer at the height of fashion swimsuits were bright rich colors with different colors of panties and bras, then summer 2012 women's swimsuits will be "smarter" and will combine not only different colors, and prints. In a Bikini in 2012 will be collected and strip and the cell, and the pea, and ornaments. In short, stylish swimwear on the beach in 2012 is literally mad men. Particularly well presented new trends in beachwear collection Women Sandals Tommy Bahama. Fashionable swimsuits Victoria's Secret did call for two colors and insist on the juicy colors. Stylish accessories: rubber beach sandals and a straw hat.
Forum » Vereinsheim » FIFA 13
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