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Wirst Du Dir FIFA 13 kaufen ?
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Review: the best chic + cheap sandals and bikini
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8th Jun 2012

when it comes to summer footwear, i tend to default to either havaianas or sandals. rubber flip-flops for quick errands around the neighborhood, and a few trusted pairs of favorite sandals for everything else. (dressier occasions in the summer, now that's another post!) over the years, i've road-tested a few exceptional old-school brands, and have come up with my top 3 list.  Sandals On Sale: the childhood classic, and pretty much indestructible. because they're leather andwaterproof, this means...perfect for running through the waves at the beach, goofing off in front of sprinklers, jumping in the fountain in Central Park when it hits above 95 degrees, etc. and yes, just because you're no longer, say, 8, doesn't mean you can't still wear your first beloved summer sandals with panache on your way to brunch downtown. Worishofers: the old-school mini-wedge that German nurses used to wear but i can't stop wearing. a friend in college once told me that you can tell which ones are the best restaurants by seeing if a lot of the patrons are cops and old people. (his dad is a retired cop, so he would know!) old people don't settle for sub-par quality, so listen to your elders. ditto when it comes to Worishofers: the most insanely comfortable, rad summer sandals.   Sandals On Sale: yes, i am invoking the B-word. (if you don't believe me when i say birks rock, see my earlier post and review here and here.) the ergonomic-chic thong that is the all-around best week to weekend workhorse - think of it as yoga for your foot!The cost of your women’s shoe for almost all of us is also an important factor. If you are on a budget, looking at the price of a shoe will be critical. Some shoe brands are more expensive than others. However that is another benefit of shopping online. There are many online shoe stores that are able to offer the latest trends at affordable prices because they don’t have the overhead that a retail store has. With this in mind you should take your time and browse the online stores until you find that desired shoe that is a “must have”. Owning beautiful shoes should be the right of every woman. And beautiful shoes can still be cheap shoes.My favorite place to shop online is at ShoeOcean.com. They offer all the latest trendy styles at affordable prices.

Summer is almost here, and that means switching out those long pants, oversized sweaters and boots for some shorts,  Swimming Suits, and flip-flops. Each year, millions of women are struck with the distressing thought of bikini season, and we never feel quite ready. This is completely normal—remember you’re not alone in your thoughts!Aside from the importance of picking the right size and style for your body type, it’s important to keep up with a healthy diet and exercise plan that will keep you feeling energized for those long days in the sun and running around on the beach. Of course, it doesn’t have to just be about work.
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