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Bikini and sandal wedding
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9th Jun 2012

Who said that the wedding must suit full of armed white yarn, Micro Bikini then put on a charming position facing 22? Have not seen a set of alternative wedding: bride wore a white veil, white bikini, holding a bouquet of wild flowers, groom torso naked, nature of their dirt road nestled in the green grass in the background.Is romantic or kissing? Is love warming or infamous?Bikini wedding, people dispute it is pretty big! However, theBikini wedding can indeed impressive, actually think is very creative. Green grass and windy and rainy, Star flowers, lined with a head wearing a Crown of white yarn, a white bikini brides of the attack, holding the flowers stand the wild. Background of the elegant bride and set off the bare skin of the body, the whole picture feels quite chic. Although compared to the lack of formal wedding a little happy expression or atmosphere, but extraordinary artistic conception.

Compared with the traditional festive wedding,  Swimming Suits wedding with its maverick bikini aroused the concern of Internet users. Albums as different from General possession, wedding take out to share with family and friends, so bride’s bold approach to win the majority of users to admire.A young netizens say:for many people, the wedding may be things of life, so let them remember the wedding again, is a very meaningful things.Some older users feeling that, now what young people really dare, dare to think, to do. To us at that time, a wedding is a very smart thing, this way, not to say impossible, parents certainly did not agree. Swimsuit Bikinis For a lot of irony and ridicule the bride and groom people, netizens believe that innovation requires courage, how can those who laugh at their friends, do you dare to take the wedding?Personally think that wedding bikini has a prerequisite is necessary, that you have to have a flat stomach, strong arms and long beautiful legs, even if you don’t have a devil-like figure, be sure to choose a bikini for your body, and otherwise build the shortcomings of, Burberry Bikini you cannot show the bride charm!

Sandals On Sale sans sparkles are making a comeback this season with many designers, from Chloé to Cole Haan, favoring a mix of muted colors and untreated leather to make easygoing summer slip-ons. Here, versions from Lanvin, Acne and Madewell, to start, are all blissfully unembellished and ready for sand and sidewalk alike. Those that are more decorated — Marni’s have sunny-yellow plastic paillettes, and Loeffler Randall’s are lined with patent piping — star the simplest vachetta leather. Low maintenance? No doubt. But pedicures are always welcome.
Forum » Vereinsheim » FIFA 13
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